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Cheapest place to buy a HART kit?

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  • Cheapest place to buy a HART kit?

    I know this has been covered before(a few months ago). But I was just wondering if anybody has seen better prices lately as I am ready to buy a Custom AX now. I already have a TD-8, so I just need the kit itself. (Anyone have one used?)

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    Drum World www.drumworld.com
    1-800-335-3445 talk to Jim
    They should be able to beat anybody's price


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      I would talk with eric at SEP..Shaffers Electronic Percussion. He is a frequent poster here and will give you a very good deal...
      Roland TD50x
      Acoustic- Spaun drums, Gretsch Drums & Paiste Signature Series cymbals.


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        Thanks guys, I appreciate the input. I looked/called around for a while & ended up getting a pretty good deal through "Drum World". They actually had 1 in stock - Custom AX(w/snare stand) for $1829 shipped! Only 5 days to go , but 7 to wait for my TD-8 . Also my "Delta-DW5002AH Double Pedal" should be here in 5 days too, thanks Alex!


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          Hey Redline, where'd you come up with that name


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            LOL, I used to use this name a lot when playing on-line pc games & posting on public forums & it just kinda stuck. I also collect original Mattel "Redline" Hot Wheel cars(ONLY made between '68 & '77)so that's where I got the idea. BTW, if you guys have any of these old toy cars lying around in your attics or basements, e-mail me. I might want to buy them! My real name is Fred just in case you wondered.


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              Just hightened my curiosity. Look closely at mine (Ed Roth inspired). I have a complete collection (minus the infamous rear loader, couldnt justify that one $$$$.$$)-> 68-72 Spectraflames, Rumblers, Chopcycles, Sizzlers, Zowies, Gran Toros, J. Lightnings, etc, etc. Here I'm 37yrs of age and got a room in the house dedicated to toys. Go figure? Welcome aboard


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                DOH! I remember seeing your name before but it just went over my head. 2 kewl, a fellow collector! I am only 6 cars short of completing the '68-'72's(excluding the RLBB of course). If you get a chance checkout this great Redlines only message/discussion board: http://www.redlinesonline.com/wwwboard/wwwboard.html . BTW, I go by Fredline there and on eBay. Ok, enuff about hot wheels lets get back to the real expensive toys-drums .


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                  Originally posted by Redline:
                  Also my "Delta-DW5002AH Double Pedal" should be here in 5 days too, thanks Alex!
                  , np Fred!

                  Thank Ye,
                  Thanx. Alex & me V's! http://photos.yahoo.com/flexapr