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roland td-11 vs td-4 for vh-11 question

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  • roland td-11 vs td-4 for vh-11 question

    i have the roland td 11 and i am currently using the vh11 and the pads pd-125,kd9, pdx8,pdx100,cymbals:cy-12 and cy15r. Do you think tha if i buy the td 4 since i dont see any difference (sound wise) between the td4 and td11 are my exist set going to be compatible?
    1)I would like to know if i am going to use the td4 the vh11 is going to work the same as now with the td 11 ?
    2) can i have the midlle zones at the hi hat whie using the td 4? I dont need the usb port neither i do play with vst i need some cash quickly that why i am considering selling the td11 to buy a td 4

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    Don't bother selling the TD11 unless you plan to upgrade or go in a different direction entirely. The TD-4 has basic support for the VH-11 only.

    According to Roland that means "Although you can control the opening and closing, the expression of the half-open hi-hat differs from that achieved with the completely compatible TD-20/12"

    - That was obviously written before the TD11/15/30 came out but the TD11 would definitely have more samples to cover half-open, half-closed, etc. + supernatural tech, I wouldn't give that up for the TD4 either.

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      Unless you really need the money, the TD-11 offers you better VH-11 playability which you may well miss.
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        ok thank's for all!!!