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memory sticks

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    i have just recently bought a td9. the manual says you need to use a roland memory stick, is this true cause the stick that came with my used module wasn't and had the song list on it but i cant get it to play anything i add to it through the module, so am i doing something wrong or do i need the roland stick

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    If that stick has been used with the TD-9 before, then I think it's most likely that you're doing something wrong.

    So, what are you trying to do (Backup, Quick Rec or audio file Song Play) and which steps have you followed?



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      i put i song on the stick and tried to play it through the module,but when i load it it says "no file" it has a roland expander pack in the stick dont know if thats in the module or not there are 89 kits in it now? but i read the expander pack instructions and it


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        update managed to get this from the stick and working through module, so the stick does work but now i need to work out how to record and play through the stick
        Acustix Live Expansion Pack Kit Listing

        Kits are modeled to sound like:
        1. Noble & Cooley - 1999 Cd Maple
        2. Pork Pie - 2005 Maple kit
        3. 84 Tama Granstar - 1984 Granstar
        4. Sonor Lite - 1990 Sonor Lite w/ Horst Snare
        5. Premier Cabria - 2009
        6. Trixon - 1960's Vintage Kit
        7. Ludwig Maple Classic - 1970's
        8. Pearl Roto-Shell - 1981
        9. DW Keller Shell kit - 1995
        10. Gretsch Catalina - 2006 Jazz kit
        11. Funk Yamaha - 1986 Recording Custom
        12. Sonor Designer - 2002 Designers
        13. Slingerland - 1970's
        14. DW Collectors - with 26" kick - 1999
        15. Taye Drums - 2006
        16. GMS with Pinstripe heads - 1993
        17. Tama Stagestar - 2008
        18. Pearl Masterworks - 2004
        19. Mapex LA BeBop kit - 1990
        20. Ayotte Drums - 1994
        21. Tama Starclassic -2000
        22. Spaun - 2004
        23. Tama Artstar II - 1992
        24. Premier Olympic Jazz - 1920's
        25. Ddrum Diminion - 2007
        26. Fibes - 1970's
        27. Yamaha Maple Customs - 1998
        28. Ludwig Vistalite - 1976
        29. Pearl Sessions - 1999
        30. Hollywood Brushes - 1960's club kit.

        You do not have permission to view this gallery.
        This gallery has 1 photos.


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          I'm not sure what "i put i song on the stick" means.

          (The kits are from V Expressions, not Roland.)


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            i uploaded "when the levee breaks onto the stick to play through the module, i put it in the song file


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              What type of file and what was it named? Where did you put it on the USB stick and where did you look for it in the module?


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                as i said its in the list with the songs that come with the td-9. the manual says that your suppose to go through the "song" and keep scrolling though the list and any songs added later will be at the end of the list, is that right but its not there?