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Trigger settings for cy-6 on the td-10 (w.TDW1)

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  • Trigger settings for cy-6 on the td-10 (w.TDW1)

    I have problems to configure my cy-6 (on CRash1, crash2, ride and Aux1 inputs)since i have updated the td10 with the TDW-1 upgrate. Can anybody give me his experience about the best settings to get good trigger feelings ?
    Thanks Konrad

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    What is the problem that you are having? I am having problems too...

    The problem that I am having is that once I added the expansion card, the CY6 sounds extremely low. That is, if you hit it on the rubber. If you hit it directly on the plastic (top) it sounds ok.

    Any ideas how to improve its sound?

    Thanks and Regards,


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      Same problem here. The edge of crashes seem to have lost sensitivity. Edge of the hi hat is also less responsive. The bell is plenty sensitive, but awkward to play.


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        Do a search in here for my posts (I don't post often) and over at edrumming (my handle over there is grog00). Or search on CY-8 in both places. I have a TD-10/TDW1 with a CY-8 and don't like it. I have a slew of settings listed to include specific samples you can use to make these things passable as crashes. It sounds as if your problems with the CY-6 are very similar.

        Many other folks have no problem with the CY-8 but I think they're using different modules. Perhaps this is a quirky module/hardware issue.

        All I know is that for every person who hasn't had a problem with the CY-8 in crash mode, there's one who does. Anyway, search as described and you'll get some settings. All I know is that when I upgrade to Smartriggers, my CY-8 is either going up for sale of used as a china or something.

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