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Who layers sounds from multiple modules and mixes them together?

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  • Who layers sounds from multiple modules and mixes them together?

    I love to layer sounds along with my Roland module sounds. I just midi up a synth and mix them using a cheapo mixer. I currently have a EMU planet drum that's great for this. Often I use pitched sounds as well as a lot of percussive sounds. Sometimes I take the time to program scales or notes that work together. I'm looking to get something else to add in as I'm getting kind of bored of the emu sounds and am seeking some suggestions.

    My main requirements:
    1 or 2 rack spaces, or just small if not rack format.
    Can make weird sounds - not just a GM soundset
    Must be multitimbral - mono synths don't work well for this.
    Fun to tweak easily because sometimes I just spin knobs while playing.
    Something I could find a good ebay deal on that was a few year's ago's hot model.

    I've been thinking about a Yamaha Motif rack. I've also been eying the Musebox but their rumored drum version never seems to get anywhere. Probably I should just use softsynths. But I kind of like the feel of hardware. Computers are just too much like work for me. (cause they are my work!)

    BTW, if you don't currently do this, you should buy yourself a $2 midi cable and try it!! Even if all you have to midi to is a cheap piano. First its a lot of fun. But also it can totally change how you approach playing drums, as it did for me.


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    I have a Alesis DM Pro I'm selling. It's a rack mounted unit.
    Deacon Daniell


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      Tempting. I ill think about that

      For the moment I'm using my ipad and a PUC midi interface. A lot of fun. But eventually I think I'll get better responsiveness from a hardware synth.


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        Got any videos of this?

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          Thinking of blending my TD-30 with the 2Box... the samples I have on the 2Box, Roland's triggering. Sweet!


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            Originally posted by Tazed View Post
            Thinking of blending my TD-30 with the 2Box... the samples I have on the 2Box, Roland's triggering. Sweet!
            That's already more expensive than most people's entire kits lol.
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              The 2 box solution is interesting. I need to research them a bit more. Was also thinking about yamaha motif synths. Or just setting up an old laptop and triggering soft synths and sample libs,

              Maybe I'll shoot some vids soon of what I do with this crap!


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                I layered my 2Box and TD30. Sure did make the TD30 sound a lot better. Once I dumped the 30 and got another 2Box I still continue to blend them at my console, especially the kick. However you sure can tailor a nice snare this way too with double the tone samples
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                  I have always found one module is just too thin sounding. I've been using the TM2 to bolster my TD30 kick & floor toms. Just bought the TD15 as an e-kit for Church. Turns out that the acoustic kit still suits Church far better, so the 15 is going to get blended into my studio, replacing the TM2. LOVE the idea of blending the 2Box with TD30...great sounds, expandability AND fast triggering....hmmmmm, maybe the 15 ends up on eBay? ....we'll see....
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