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Connecting TD11 kv Garage Band

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  • Connecting TD11 kv Garage Band

    Hello VDrummers,

    I am brand new on these forums. I hope you can help me with the set up of my new TD11 kv kit to my MacBook Pro with Garage Band.
    Maybe someone can tell me how to look on the forum for answers of members who placed the same questions......

    I have connected the kit with a midi cable, like a printer cable into my USB port.
    Starting up Garage Band It looks like it was working proper but I had to change some midi output channel numbers on my TD11 module to control my midi drum kits in Garage Band But I do not get the right HiHat feel like the ones in the Roland Module.
    Maybe I have to change the settings again, I do not know.

    Can any body help me with this?



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    Are you using GarageBand own sounds or a VST like Addictive, BFD, EZDrummer?

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      In EZDrummer 2 I had to select Curve 1. If you are using a Roland FD-7, and probably the FD-8 as well, I found that the standard setting doesn't capture the full closed position. I had to select Curve 1 under MENU>E-drum>Pedal Correction. Not sure if GB has those kind of settings. By the way, I'm loving EZDrummer2 with my TD-11 and highly recommend it.
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        Originally posted by perceval
        Are you using GarageBand own sounds or a VST like Addictive, BFD, EZDrummer?
        I feel like an amateur when I read the answers on my question. I am an amateur!!
        I am not familiar with VST like Addictive, BDF, EZDrummer. I used Garageband before and I used the sounds within the program. To hear them and to record I used a simple keyboard. Now I want to use the TD 11 kit to record and even better to let Garageband record the midi and will play it back by using the synthesiser of the Roland TD11.

        But when I play the drums, and the midi signals go into my Garageband program, the midi signals of the hi hat and the hi hat controller are not so well translated to sounds as within the TD sound module, when I am not using Garageband and just listen through the headphone output from the TD11 module.

        I will dive into it and look on the internet to find out what VST like Addictive, BDF, EZDrummer means.

        For now I would like to find out how I can set the midi right.