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Go eDrum - 18" kick, anyone use this?

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  • Go eDrum - 18" kick, anyone use this?

    saw this on ebay, not mine just want to see if anyone in here use with roland module, like TD-20, TD-30?


    i'm looking for something like this in white color, but $299 is a bit steep for Taiwan product if $159 i'd buy

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    You can build this for a fraction of the cost. Probly way less than $100. A kick drum is by far the very simplest DIY project one could take on. Just food for thought
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      Looks like a rebranded kick from XM.

      Yep, 300 plus shipping from Taiwan will make that kick expensive, and like Daniel said, very easy to DIY.
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        anyone willing to build me one for reasonable price? 18" white and about 10" deep [to match my old TD-10 pads] with pearl tom mount on the sidde so I can mount to my rack thanks.


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          Just go buy a white 18" drum used (there are 18" bass drums), or get an 18" tom with one of those bass drum converter stands, slap a mesh head and ddrum trigger on it and be done. The bass drum does not need all the subtle nuances of a snare. Easy.
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            so far i paid $63 for white 16" floor tom from ebay, pearl kick tom conversion mount $30 from amazon, 16" mesh head from amazon $17. Over $100 already


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              If you can get that Go eDrum 18 inch bass drum to your door for $300, that seems pretty reasonable. Yes, you can build DIY, but you won't get that kind of finishing and you'll spend many hours tweaking. Depends on how much time you want to spend building versus playing. At $300, if that bass drum works, triggers well, and is reliably built, I don't think you'll do much better. You can certainly spend much, much more than this in time doing it DIY.

              Case in point, I've got the Pearl JG-16 (floor tom conversion kit) you're talking about. For starters, it doesn't come with the BT-3 bracket you'll need and it doesn't come with the IIS mount you'll need, either. The ISS mount comes in multiple flavours. You need the one designed for 12 to 16 inch diameters. Also, in my case, the legs that came with the JG-16 weren't long enough due to where the floor tom leg mounts in the drum were... so... I had to buy an additional set of Sonor legs. The Sonor legs alone cost $50. Total just for the floor tom conversion hardware was over $100 and I spent lots of time sourcing parts and debugging. So yeah, $300 for a finished bass drum that is ready to go with mesh heads and trigger installed? I'd grab that in a heartbeat if it suits your needs.