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3 questions about upgrading my TD30 kit

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  • 3 questions about upgrading my TD30 kit

    1. What is the best way to keep my kick pedal from slipping?

    2. Exactly what part do I need to get so I can get TWO pdx150 floor toms instead of one. I need a longer bar.. But I don't know exactly what to get?

    3. I have 2 pd8 pads Id like to have above my module to serve at atl percussion (congo,bongo etc.) .. What kind of stand could hold those two ?
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    The 4th question should be "which thread should I post this in? Suggestions? Technical?" Anywhere but here in the lounge my friend, more VDrum forum members are looking to help in those threads than here in the Lounge.

    Here's what I got..

    1. What kind of kick pedal? I use soft bean bag style weights from my scuba gear and gaffers tape, or the residue less duct tape from Home Depot....works every time.

    2. You might need a separate stand or a cross bar extension piece you can order from Roland or look at Gibraltar and other rack brands

    3. Again look at Gibby or Pearl hardware to get a good stand for two stand alone drum pads.

    K ;-)
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      1. DW5000. I thought of Velcro tape on the floor and the bottom of the pedal ? But that's kinda messy... You put weights behind your pedal ?
      2. I was just afraid of getting the wrong part but I guess I just need to search for a long curved tube shaped thing.
      3. Ok. Once again afraid ill get a wrong part thought and something wont fit.


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        Originally posted by punkouter View Post
        2. I was just afraid of getting the wrong part but I guess I just need to search for a long curved tube shaped thing.
        A few weeks ago, I 'extended' my kit by purchasing a Gibralter longer curved bar I bought off ebay. Reasonably priced. Fast delivery.

        My Roland TD-15 had a 24 inch side bar. I measured the estimated new length and got a Gibralter 30". It's the same diameter tube. Works beautifully. The con is the new bar is chrome. My rack is flat black. I'll live with it.


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          Ok that looks good. Maybe I get a really long one and put my two pd-8s on the very end.. I need to measure what I have now


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            Is that an FCB1010 I see?, and it's working?


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              I bolted a rubber strap to my mat. It's a bit agricultural but works.
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                that's a boss me-80. so I don't need to move to far to record the guitar..