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z-ed triple ply meshes

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  • z-ed triple ply meshes

    I finally ordered the z- ed triple ply meshes. Was using black 682 2 plys because they have been the quietest compared to roland, hart, billy blast, remo, and pintech. I wanted to change over to a quiet white mesh head and these z-ed trips were rated the quietest according to digital drummer so we will see tomorrow when they gey delivered. I Will post results.
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    I am more interested how opaque they are compared to Roland. All these single ply heads are transparent and you can see the triggers - looks awful. Take a pic of the triples!
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      I will , that was another thing I didnt like about single plys as well, besides their sound
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        I have the zed trips and I'm afraid they are not as opaque as you would like them to be. I was a little disappointed that they weren't more opaque but I still really like them.


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          Like mine too, even though they are a little transparent, showing my crossbar triggers. They are super quiet as promised and perform great. Happy with them!
          Last edited by hemiboy; 10-30-14, 07:20 PM.