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Debugging TD6V Tom Rim Inputs

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  • Debugging TD6V Tom Rim Inputs

    I've got a Roland TD6V kit that I had not used for a while that I've set up recently. Most everything is going well, except that I've got two Tom inputs whose rims are not triggering. I've done some cable swapping to determine that the issue is on the unit, on the T1 and the T3/T4 inputs.

    Is this something that is common to the TD6V or Roland vDrum units in general?
    Any thoughts on debug steps I could take to attempt to get this working again?


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    Rubber pads?

    Stereo TRS cables?

    How many toms total?

    Check that SETUP, TRIG BASIC, TrigTyp is set to Rim at T3:R07 (or set it back to Rim at T4:H08).

    There's no setting for T1 which would affect the rim (except TrigTyp being incorrectly set to a mesh pad type); with a rubber pad and TRS cable the rim should work.

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      Ah, two months later and I'm back. I had a mean bout of life get in the way of this debug....

      So, to clarify:
      I'm using rubber pads (PD-80R that came with the kit)
      I'm using stereo TRS cables for the T1 and T2 (T2 works correctly). I have used both a single TRS cable for T3 as well as two TS cables going to a splitter from T3 and T4.

      I am unable to check any of the trigger types for the rims as the only way to check this on the TD-6V (that I know of) is to hit the trigger in question. Since I cannot get the rims to trigger they won't show up in the settings.

      Any way around this?



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        PD-80R is a mesh pad, so that's likely to be the main problem. The Trigger Type should be set to PD-8 for a rubber pad rim to work.

        You can select each input by using Shift with the Left and Right arrow buttons; it will cycle through every head and rim.

        You can only use the rim of T3 if you don't connect T4. With a splitter, T3 and T4 are both single zone..



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          .... derp ....

          Thank you Bruce! That solved everything (changing the trigger types to PD-8). I don't think I ever would have picked up on that.

          Thanks for the Shift+L/R tip too. That is handy.