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  • carvins???

    using what my band has,our chief set me up like this...out left mono from td10.split right/left in to Carvin DCM 1500w.out right/left to two Carvin 1584 400w 8 ohm speakers.Power Amp up all the way,td10 vol around 75%.sounds great when playing beats for our shows,but when I "get busy" warming up with some quads or slamming a bunch of triggers it rats out real bad,lots of distortion.Since it is not my equipment I'm not getting much sympathy from my band,"sounded good for show,leave it alone" is what I'm being told.I worry about long term damage to there speakers,because I WILL warm up at show volume,and should.Any input would be apprieciated. eddie zen. p.s. my td10 internal mixer volumes are around 75% depending on the trigger or sound being played,and I'm plugged into the high freq.side of the speakers from the power amp.