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False Triggering on TD-10+TDW-1??

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  • False Triggering on TD-10+TDW-1??

    We ran across an expanded TD-10 that generates false triggers on the crash1 input, but ONLY in Brushes2 mode!

    The local Roland shop scratched their head, called Roland and asked about it. They claim Roland's response was "it's normal" for an expanded TD-10 because of how much more sensitive it is in Brushes2 mode with the TDW-1 card! Their suggestion was to tweak the unit (I need to have the shop show me which tweaks specifically) to stop it from doing that!

    Has anybody else seen this sort of behavior on their expanded TD-1?

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    Some TD's are more sensitive than others I guess. I copy my settings from home (trigger and kit settings) to the kit at Church. I have to do some significant tweaking to eliminate the cymbals triggering. I would just sit there and listen to the ride and cymbals ping at the slightest vibration. I realize position of the pads on the rack and type of platform mean all things are not exactly equal, but this baby goes off for what seems to be no reason at all. On one kit, I couldn't use the tree chimes at all. I couldn't get it to stop it's occasional triggering without severely limiting playability.

    This unit is about 3.5 yrs old and gets some heavy play from some heavy hitters at times. That may be a contributing factor to the problem.

    I recently went through a major tweaking campaign. Sensitivity, curves, mask, retrig canx and xtalk, but frankly, I think I just tweaked it into submission. I really can't say I applied some kind of logic to the settings to get them to work. It seems to be under control for now. Sorry, not much help.
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