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Kit for returning drummer

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  • Kit for returning drummer

    I haven't played in 15+ yrs but would like to get back into it for fun. I have never played electric drums but looking at them because of the noise (or lack of) factor. I would like to know if any of the sets for around $450 or less are decent and what you would recommend? I am not joining a band or anything I just want to throw on some headphones and play along with some music. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I did the same thing in 2010, returning from a 14 year hiatus. I would suggest to not spend too much money as you will get hooked and start upgrading. It will be inevitable. I would look for a used set on eBay that has mesh heads. I think the mesh is a key factor to bringing back those old memories as it 'feels' right.

    Maybe find a TD6 or TD9 set, although TD9 is more than $450. I would buy used not new as these sets a very reliable, so no point in going new (TD11, TD15) from my experience. I had bought my TD9 on Craigslist locally and really was happy. I later bought a TD6 for expansion and noticed it was also great and lower price, so maybe start there?

    $450 is a bit of a low budget, but it can be done.
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      Welcome to the forums. There are lots of ways to get started. Here's a link with some ideas.
      Ok, This may turn into what some may consider a ugly rant. Just a warning! DonĀ’t flame me (too much)! First some background, About 10 years ago my wife (wonderful as she is) asked me why I always bought the cheapest low-quality crap I could find then spend my time complaining, fixing, replacing the stuff.
      "It makes sense if you dont think about it"

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        The TD 9 SX or KX is a good kit that you should be able to get a good deal on used. I traded mine to my teacher in exchange for lessons when I got the extreme GAS and went for the TG30 KV. My teacher likes the TD9 and I got several months of lessons in exchange.
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          Thanks for the replies. It's looking like Roland is the way to go.


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            I would suggest either roland or yamaha as they appear to be more reliable and sturdy than alesis and other more toy like kits.

            I love the sounds in my td9. If id got a module that wasnt as good, i mightve got bored and disenchanted by now.