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Is this real: TD-15K set for <$1000

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  • Is this real: TD-15K set for <$1000


    - SKK

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      If you can pick it up directly, why not try?

      If it's only a shipped item, better trust a member here than a crappy website.
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        I would say they are a scam. This is from their website and is a dead give-away: "For this time we just accept Banking/Wire Transfer or Western Union.
        We don't use paypal or credit card. It take long time and very hard for us to pick up cash from paypal or credit card account in china area, The cumbersome procedures will bring much troublesome ."

        Always be leery of any entity that only takes wire transfers. You have no financial institution to protect your funds in the case of fraud. Once you pay, it's one way...
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          I guess you are right. It just sounded too good to be true -- too bad.