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Can anyone with an Aquarian onHead help out?

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  • Can anyone with an Aquarian onHead help out?

    Hi everyone,

    I am planning on building a new e-kit centered around the Aquarian Onhead.

    I have started ordering racks and hardware, and will want to use suspension mounting for the onheads. I read somewhere that the packaging (or manual) of the onhead makes reference to a method of mounting these using RIMS/suspension and wondered if anyone would have the time to scan or take pictures of relevant mounting instructions for me so that I may better orientate my purchases.

    Thanks in advance,

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    You need a triple-flanged hoop and a drumhead in the sizes you want, and then the RIMS mount and enough fasteners to hold it all together. You bolt the RIMS to the hoop with the hoop upside down, then the drumhead (also upside down) sits on the hoop, then the onhead sits in the drumhead.

    For snare drum, you can put in in a stand like this image - the stand holds the upside down hoop, the upside down drumhead goes in the hoop and then the onhead sits in it.


    It's practical, but not a particularly elegant solution - give it a try and see if it works for you.
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      Thanks for the quick answer flurbs and the info.

      And is there not also a way to use 2 rims to have the trigger sit inside the hoop like a normal drum?


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        Yes - you'd just put two together bottom-to-bottom whilst assembling it all. Make sure to put the head in first though!


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          Ahh please let us know when you finish it !! I would love to try the onheads! Will you use full sized drum shells or just the suspended onheads?


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            hi chain,

            itll just be suspended onheads with RIMS, jman's cymbals versions, roland kt-10, the diti and Superior 2.0... im so excited, will post pictures when done!


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              Hi Daniel, cool to see you are getting the kit together now. You can see a few of the On Heads in a kit Aquarian put together at NAMM 2014 using rims and suspension mounts, put together as Flurbs explained. http://www.moderndrummer.com/site/20...ar-coverage/#_
              If you are going to do a dual zone snare with the ..... whatever it is called .... On-Rim??? anyway, there were some pretty good ideas in this thread:
              I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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                Originally posted by Wangagat View Post
                hi chain,

                itll just be suspended onheads with RIMS, jman's cymbals versions, roland kt-10, the diti and Superior 2.0... im so excited, will post pictures when done!
                Thanks! What will you be using for drum module? Superior 2.0? Never looked into it, I am an addictive drums guy, love the simplicity and the sounds are great!


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                  Wangagat....Hey brother I have built using the onheads and love them...I use an old clear acrylic Zickos kit with onheads, a td 30 that I may sell and try the diti and Superior...I use a pearl e pro kick now but am looking at the kt10 as well. I like to use the zickos acoustically as well so the kt 10 might keep the conversion just that much simpler....lastely I use the roland cy cymbals but have started experimenting with gen buff bronze and traditional mics....Let me know how yours turns out.....


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                    Hi Redsumsum,

                    Wow that sounds like a nice piece of kit. Have any pictures to share?

                    I'll definitely be postin my creation once its all setup


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                      I'm looking to set up a on head mount, and i was wondering what length of drum tension rod would be necessary for using the version that only uses one triple flange rim, and what length would be needed for using two triple flange rims. I haven't quite decided on which version i should make. I'm so far leaning towards just having one triple flange rim. Is there any benefit to having to rims instead of one?