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Bell sound on Hart Ecymbal X Ride & TD-10?

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  • Bell sound on Hart Ecymbal X Ride & TD-10?

    Has anyone found a way to seperate the Bell and Ride sounds of their "HDI Ecymbal X Ride" hooked to a TD-10? So far I can only get the ride sound w/no bell. I've searched for an answer and only found a couple suggestions, mostly for the TD-8. Thought I would try here before going to Hart cause it may take them a while to get back to me.

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    Use two inputs and a Y adapter. No aftermaket ecymbals are piezo/fsr. This is the only way I know to do it consistently. Or really give the bell a good whack when you wanna hera it .

    Start saving up for one of them new Roland cymbals .


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      Hey Redline,

      That's the only way I've gotten any good sound and control. I play latin jazz and I am using the bell constantly. I use a "Y" and put the bell into input 11. This way you can choose what bell sound, volume, etc.

      good luck. (and save...)