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Trigger Clipping HiHat Pedal

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  • Trigger Clipping HiHat Pedal

    I just got my TD-30K Set and I'm very happy with it. Did all configurations and worked through the manual.
    But when I do pedal HiHat with the VH-11 the trigger still clips (most of the time red trigger signal). I lowered the sensitivity, but I wonder wether there's a mechanical fault.
    May it possibel that the pedal way is to long, therefore compressing the sensor to hard ? Is it possible to damage the sensor with too hard using pedal HiHat ?

    Thanx !

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    Are you still having problems? I didn't understand the question exactly

    You need to calibrate the VH-11 and also adjust the nut on the top, see page 40 of the TD-30 user manual, but also theres a separate hihat leaflet

    You can also adjust the CC-MAX setting in the HiHat trigger menu.
    Its set to 90 by default, meaning the sound ranges from open -> closed, but you can set it the other value so it ranges from open -> closed -> tightly closed