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td 20 fader sensitivity

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  • td 20 fader sensitivity

    has there been long term issues with module faders or do i have a set up issue. my 6 yr old td20 volume faders only work in the top upper quarter of there range. the volume goes from not audible to loud over only an 1/8 of an inch movement. i have to bump in micro increments to get proper volume. i have done factory reset a couple times with no change. any ideas please? i was on my acoustic kit pretty exclusively for awhile and dont remember them being that sensitive

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    i'm sure you tried to set the correct pad in the module and sensitivity on that pad in the module
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      To be honest i have never been a tech wiz on my set. I assumed a factory reset would make the controls operate in a standard working fashion. My volume faders DO work but only when pushed mostley up . I have briefly read about assigning pads and whatnot but never figured i needed to access those controls unless i was maybe building a custom kit. I do have tdw expansion installed w no issues. All functions perform correct except stated issue. Mixer setting increase and decrease sound master operates and even compression+\- work but faders work only in the abbrieviated range. I can get satisfactory volumes but again bottom 3/4 range is unusable with no volume starting to deliver untill up high