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Please help setting up KD85 with DTXII

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  • Please help setting up KD85 with DTXII

    Hi, I bought a KD-85 Kick pad used so I could play double bass pedal on my DTXII kit. Im having trouble setting it up and need some help. I can send it back by next wednesday for a full refund, so I need to know ASAP if I can fix this.

    On the factory settings, I get varying volume from the hits and the odd one missing. When I have looked at paid gain, input level, rejection etc, I can't get it right. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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    Not many DTXII users left around here....

    But you are on the right track. Input gain, mask time, etc...
    It will all come together but you will need to find the right combination for you.

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