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Are there any MIDI Only multipads left?

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  • Are there any MIDI Only multipads left?

    I'm on the search for something like the Alesis Controlpad, but I haven't found any for sale in my area. Alesis discontinued it awhile back.

    I'd like 8 pads and get a unit under $150. I don't want any built-in sounds, just MIDI output so I can control a drum machine or software.

    Are there any products that fit this bill? I only ever seem to find very high end things, like the drumKat or something similar.

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    You van disable the sounds, so yes, Alesis make quite a few models. Something to note is that midi channel is a global setting on some of these pads.


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      Simmons have just released a six-pad set-up with no sounds - styke 6
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        Originally posted by airflamesred View Post
        You van disable the sounds, so yes, Alesis make quite a few models. Something to note is that midi channel is a global setting on some of these pads.

        The sounds cost extra. Compare the cost difference between the Alesis Controlpad (when they were selling it) versus the Performance Pad: $100+ difference.

        What do you mean by the midi channel being a global setting?


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          If memory serves, the control pad has to have all 8 zones transmitting midi on one channel. And that may only be channel 10. They can't be set individually. It may not affect you but it's worth checking.if so.


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            I would suggest looking for a used Alternate Mode DK10 or used basic DrumKat (you don't need above v3.0, for your needs), which IMO, would be the highest quality options. Both will allow you to set note numbers and transmit midi channels, per pad; and will also give you full continuous HH, should you want that in the future. However, they don't have USB, so you will need a Midi to USB adapter cable (which is not expensive). Second best, would be a used Alesis Control Pad (which only has 3-way footswitch HH), but does have USB,as well as Midi, and allows custom note number assignment per pad. Sorry, I can't remember if the transmit midi channel has to be global or not. I suggest you read the manual for the other less expensive options, such as one of the Alesis/Ion multi-pads with built-in sounds, to see if you can customize the note numbers per pad, and the transmit midi channels. For example, the cheapest option would probably be a used ION IE04 (only has Midi out, so it will need a USB to midi adapter if want USB), but it only transmits Globally on midi ch.1, and all pads have a fixed note assignment. IF you are using a computer for your sounds, this really isn't a big problem, since you should be able to remap the transmitted the note numbers and midi channel, easily. BUT, if you are using the Ion to trigger an external drum machine, you will have to go through the computer first (to do the remapping), and this may cause undesirable latency.
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              I have a Drumkat DK10 I would sell . I use my 3.8 because I wanted the layering and this one get no use . I would need about $200 plus shipping which is usually high due to the weight off the Drumkat . PM me if you are interested. I can send pictures if you would like.


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                  A few clarifications: DK10 is NOT high end Midi control, and IMO, is the best inexpensive "professional" quality multipad option.
                  The DITI is NOT a multipad, it is a trigger to midi interface (TMI).
                  The Jambe appears geared toward hand playing, and for use with iPad.
                  The problem with MidiTronix, is that it is a small company, and may take a very long time for it's products to come to market. We have been waiting for the DITI for a couple of years now (despite being shown at trade shows), and it remains to be seen, if it actually ships soon (although I certainly hope it does).