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Vdrum cases ?

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  • Vdrum cases ?

    Hi have a Td30 and i was interested in what people were using for cases for the TD 30

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    I have the TD30KV kit. I use:

    * Gator electronic Kit bag (http://www.gatorcases.com/p/119160-826/gp-ekit3616-b) - this covers all the pads, cymbals and module
    * An old suit case for the KD-140 and kick pedal (plus a couple of towels to add a bit of padding)
    * A standard hardware bag for the hihat stand, snare stand etc
    * For the rack i pull out the tom arms/cymbal arms and throw them in the standard hardware bag (i use memory locks on them). This lets me fold the rack up tighter

    I also have a folding trolley to help move the e-kit bag (and my PA) around. The bag is very heavy/awkward to carry when loaded. Gator do the same bag with wheels, i just didn't want to wait 4 months to get one in australia so i opted for the folding trolley and wheel-less bag. The trolley is handy as i can help the guitarists etc too.

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      I have a TD-20, I don't know if there any size differences compared to the TD-30 (tho' I bet they are close). A few years ago I scored a hard shell case that Roland had available for the TD-10. These come up on ebay occasionally, sometimes at a reasonable price (one did just about a month ago). It is easily modified to carry a TD-20 unit, I would expect the same for a TD-30. The triggers (3 PD125 & 2 PD105) fit with no modification. My KD-120 travels in a case that Yamaha makes for monitor speaker transportation, I put the VH-12 hats in that case as well. It has wheels and a handle like suitcases can have. I transport the CY cymbals in a soft side 16" floor tom case. The Gibraltar rack and Ludwig hihat stand stand travel in a pair of long hardware bags, the boom stands and other smallish hardware travel in a tupperware kind-of case. A couple of ammo box style cases carry the Gibby clamps and all my cables.

      Hope this helps a bit.

      not a great shot, but shows the Roland case:


      the miscellaneous hardware container and another angle of the Roland case:

      the Yamaha case with the KD-120:

      the cymbal bag:


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        thats great thanks kindly