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TD4 Fair Price?

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  • TD4 Fair Price?

    Hello all... total newb to Vdrums. My first post after looking around. Considering purchasing a used TD4K kit. Curious what a fair price is. Found one on Craigslist for $400. Includes a PDX-8 snare and a Pearl kick. Stated "VERY good condition! Bought last year. Still has original manual and no scratches or blemishes. Works flawlessly just need the money Every thing is like new."

    Thoughts? I'd have to drive about 180 miles one way just to get it.

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    As long as everything works $400 is about as low as you could hope to find. I'd be reluctant to drive 180 one way. With gas and your time it maybe better to ship if you can work that out.


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      Thanks for your comments. I don't think I'd purchase it sight unseen. Not everyone on craigslist is trustworthy. Shouldn't cost me more than one tank of gas ($38) and I don't mind the driving. If he really needs the money he might even go lower on the price. I'll let you know how it turns out.


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        Well, I picked them up Friday night. They were in excellent condition. He showed me his receipt for when he purchased them new from Guitar Center in March of 2013 for $1199. He tossed in a drum key, pair of sticks, a thrown, and a Pearl chain drive single kick pedal. I gave him $400 and didn't even bother to try and get it for less.

        I've set them up and they are working great. Only cost me $30 for the gas. Rather enjoyed the drive as I took the opportunity to listen to some old tunes I had not heard in years.


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          A drummers road trip. Awesome!
          "It makes sense if you dont think about it"

          Mimic Pro, SPD-SX, 2-QSC K-10s, K-sub, Yamaha mixer, and a bunch of other expensive cool things!


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            Well it's almost 6 years later and I finally pulled the kit out of the closet. I moved about 2 years ago and didn't have enough space to set them back up. But I finally decided I had a spare bedroom I could use them in. Had to put up a bit of a fight with the wife first. :-)

            I have never been a big fan of the PD8 toms and found a killer deal on eBay where I got 3 PDX-8 toms for $149. They have some small cosmetic issues but they just arrived and they work perfectly. Happy to be drumming again!