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Roland KT-10 Kick drum pedal review

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  • Roland KT-10 Kick drum pedal review

    I am now the proud owner of the new Roland KT-10 kick drum pedal. A pedal Roland claims makes up to 75% less noise than a KD-9 ?

    "Produces approximately 75 per cent less noise than a Roland KD-9 Kick Pad triggered with a standard beater (based on Roland test data"

    I got it out of the box today and started to have a look and play with it.

    Its always exciting to have a new box with Roland V drums written on t as you all know.

    The unit itself was well packaged and came with an instruction leaflet and a small allen key.

    The way it works is when you press the footboard, a metal hammer hits a pad simulating the feel of a beater hitting the drum.

    My first impressions are that in terms of feel, its very good indeed. It certainly feels very similar to the KD-80. I have never used a KD-9 so can't compare those. I have used a KD-120 and it feels close to that also.

    In terms of less noise I am not convinced yet. There is certainly some noise when you use it. To demonstrate, I have uploaded a short video so you can compare if you want. It hopefully will show the the level of mechanical noise you get.

    One really good thing I can confirm is that I plugged the mix in jack of the KT-10 to my KD-80 and both triggered on the TD-10 so you could use the KT-10 with another kick like the KD-80 or KD-120 as a double pedal arrangment. YOu can either buy 2 KT-10 or do this.
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