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Looking to purchase my first set of edrums

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  • Looking to purchase my first set of edrums

    I'm new to drumming and wanted to learn. I would be situated in my condo so noise is definitely a big issue I've been looking around and the general sense I've gotten is I would want to buy a full kit and Roland or Yamaha is the way to go. I've looked at the yamaha dtx400 and dtx450 would these be good choices or is there a different set up I should look at? Any information you guys/girls have would help
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    My advice is to try all styles of pads (ie. rubber - cheaper kits, silicone - yamaha, mesh - roland/2box ) and determine which feel works for you. The module interfaces between brands are all different but at the end of the day you can adjust for that. If you're hitting a pad that feels like cr&p it's going to ruin the experience.

    I've regularly played my bass player's Roland TD-9 for years (in our rehearsal space), but in that time I've owned a Yamaha dtx750 (all silicone pads), and I now own a roland TD30 (all mesh pads). I really like the feel of the yamaha's silicone, but at thesame time, the 'supernatural' sound modeling, positional sensing and the nuances i get from the roland made me convert. It's definitely a personal preference.

    The best advice I can give is to get out to the stores and play a few different kits and determine which pad style you like and then chose a brand

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      +1. Yes, if you can, go out and try different kits to find which you prefer to be sitting in front of. Since you are in a condo, you noise problem will mostly come from the kick pad, which you could replace with the Krigg to make it almost silent.
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        Also, what's your budget? Tell us this, and we can give a better, more focussed response.
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          Originally posted by electrodrummer View Post
          Also, what's your budget? Tell us this, and we can give a better, more focussed response.
          Hmm I'd probably be looking up to 500 and to start I'd be using headphones for my audio so I don't think I'd need an amp?


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            I should create a cut and paste for my response to this question!!! +1 on what others have said above. Here's my take.

            1. budget concerns - how much now and how much more can you scrape together if you wait "just a little bit" so you can afford the better kit?

            2. Longevity...you are the best judge of your own hobbies and interests. Is this "drumming thing" going to be a fad and gone in 6 months or do you take up hobbies and stick with them? Don't spend $6000 on a TD30 and then NOT play it because you suck or get disinterested or get disappointed because you suck and just give up. LESSONS can help with this either with a good local teacher or DVD or even free stuff online (YouTube, Drumeo)

            3. ULTIMATE GOALS.....this will help you decide on what module is best. My advice is always get the best module you can afford, or even, buy your SECOND module, FIRST. Meaning, if there is a strong probability you are going to get somewhat serious with e drums, then don't skimp on the most important part, the MODULE. As for goals...will you be noodling at home? Playing in church? Gigging? Garage jamming with friends? Recording for fun? Recording for semi serious or semi pro? PRO recording? The module you select will either play into this or give you headaches and force you to upgrade immediately.

            4. PADS or DIY? Only you can decide what feels best for you. Some guys like full sized shells but don't want to spend the $$ so they build them themselves. Lots of info on the forums on that.

            5. Upstairs unit living? YOU WILL NEED SOME KIND OF FLOOR DAMPENING SYSTEM FOR YOUR KICK PEDAL!!!! A tennis ball riser is usually what works and you will have to build one. LOTS of info on how to do this on this Forum.

            6. When thinking of goals and especially recording, make sure the module you want supports the inputs/outputs you need (MIDI, USB, Direct Outs, etc etc) and whether you need more dual or even three zone triggering.

            HAVE FUN and keep us posted!

            K ;-)
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              Please!, Don't get me started on this topic again. Somebody needs to make a sticky about how you "get what you pay for" and Electronic drums are not a cheap way to play drums.

              Why can't I just buy a TD-30kv Vpro set for $200.00 it's only a set of e-drums!!!!!

              Sorry, I'm just cranky tonite.

              I posted a topic a while back called My thoughts on 1st time purchase of E-drums. It might give you some ideas on how to proceed SpectreLight.
              Welcome to the forums and good luck!
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                Try before you buy....stretch uour budget and buy the best you can afford...even if its srcond hand in my opinion.