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upgrading to pd-125s or pd-130

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  • upgrading to pd-125s or pd-130

    I have a roland td-9 v.1 module. For my snare pad I'm using an older pd-120. Would upgrading to a pd-125, 130 give me anything more in terms of playability? if so, I heard some chatter that roland sells the innards for a pad upgrade. Q1 WIll that take my 120 to a 125 or 130? Q2. does it include the foam cone and trigger as well as rim trigger? Q3. will I have a solder wires? Thanks for any input!

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    Anyone? Hello? Verizon calling can you hear me now?


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      I have the same Q


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        For the specifics someone that has played the pads side by side on the TD-9 can answer best. But the main difference in those pads is the rim zone. The PD-120 has a piezo mounted on one side of the crossbar that picks up shell/rim impact for rimshots. So naturally the rim is more/less sensitive depending on where you hit it. Those of us that have used PD-120 pads in the past normally found the favorite position to mount the pad so it was ideal for the way we played our pad rimshots and adjusted accordingly. One of the main features for the new PD pads you mention is the even rim response you will experience around the full rim. So, yes there is an improvement there. So if you are not happy with the way your PD-120 snare performs for your rimshots or crosstick it may be worth the upgrade to you.
        I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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          Thanks Jman. I may end up replacing 2 pd-120s as I'm getting the rim strike cut out. I think the cones are very worn. These pads are very old. Prolly mid 90's. thinking about using triggera internal triggers since I don't need POS.