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External triggering via MIDI on the TD-6

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  • External triggering via MIDI on the TD-6

    I'm looking at options to add a few more triggers to my V-Club kit with the TD-6 brain. I see there's a TMC-6 module that uses MIDI, but how is this implemented in the interface? When I hit a trigger connected to this device, can I change it's instrument on the TD-6? Do all the same pad settings, etc. apply? Or do these just come through as MIDI notes and whatever MIDI bank you have selected gets used? I'm not a big fan of the preset and non-customizable MIDI banks that the TD-6 uses.

    I'm also looking into the SPD-6 and SPD-20 modules, which also use MIDI, but have built-in pads. This would serve my purposes well enough, as I just want some extra pads for sounds I'll use occasionally. The thing is, I suspect that I won't be able to assign these sounds to a "kit" on my TD-6, and will have to switch kits/banks/patches/whatever on the SPD-XX module itself instead. Is this correct?
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    "When I hit a trigger connected to this device, can I change it's instrument on the TD-6?"
    -Assuming you're not using the samenote number twice, I think you should be able to.

    "Do all the same pad settings, etc. apply? Or do these just come through as MIDI notes and whatever MIDI bank you have selected gets used?"
    -Physical pad settings like threshold and sensitivity for pads you connect to the TMC are adjusted in the TMC. It does send MIDI notes, though, so I'm not sure how that interacts with your TD-6.

    As far as the SPD controllers go, if you want versatility, I'd have to put my vote for the -20, since you can adjust what notes go to which pad. The -6 sends out different note numbers depending on the preset in the -6 itself, but I don't know how to adjust what note numbers it sends. The manual says there's a way. I;ve yet to get it to work. Hope this helps.


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      Originally posted by Jaay:
      Hope this helps.
      It does from the TMC-6/SPD-20 side, but I was hoping someone has used one or both of these with the TD-6 specifically and could comment on how setting up kits/instruments works. The "bells and whistles" are fewer on the TD-6 and I don't want to bother with one of these if I have to be switching patches on two controllers instead of one.
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        Originally posted by Harlock:

        Hope this helps a bit
        Getting there.

        Right now, I have the pads in the right inputs based on what you said (single trigger on mono, dual trigger on stereo.) I can add on one more pad for a tom if I buy another send-and-return cable for it.

        I'm not sure what you're saying here, though:

        "On the TD-6, there are 20 midi note numbers assigned to the modules direct inputs.
        You can change these note numbers to what you want. after these 20 'instruments' you have to trigger sounds programmed in a user pattern."

        So I understand that every sample needs to have a MIDI note number assigned to it. But what do you mean by "direct inputs"? What I was really trying to get at is, let's say I have two kits set up on my TD-6. If I'm in kit #1 and switch to kit #2, will this also switch the instruments associated with the pads on the SPD-8?

        Also, from what I understand having used my TD-6 with a MIDI sequencer, incoming MIDI notes can't be assigned to your "kit" instruments, they get assigned to one of 10 MIDI "percussion sets" or something. This is a lot less flexible, because I wouldn't be able to switch instruments on the SPD-8 by changing kits on my TD-6. I guess I could get used to it, but having the 8 pads on the SPD-8 be associated with a kit on my TD-6 would be the best scenario. I kinda thought this couldn't be done, but if I'm wrong, please correct me.

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          Okay, I wasn't counting the hi-hat pedal as a separate instrument, but I realize why it needs its own note number. Also wasn't mentally counting hi-hat open/closed as different sounds, since you don't really assign them different instruments in the TD-6. But I get it now.

          Based on what you've said, it sounds like adding on a TMC-6 or SPD-XX is somewhat limiting, in that you can't mix and match sounds from different "patterns/percussion sets." It also sounds like Pad #1 on the SPD-8 (or whatever) is always going to be sending out a specific note number, regardless of what kit you have selected.

          Looking at my TD-6 manual's preset percussion sets listing, it's clear I won't be able to do some of the things I wanted to do... Ah well. I guess that's why they sell the bigger, more expensive brains with more inputs...
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