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Snare Recommendations with TD9

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  • Snare Recommendations with TD9

    So I've been using the DIY TD9 kit my brother and I built for a while now. Even used it out at a few gigs instead of my acoustic kit when there was a time constraint for setup and wanted to control stage volume a lot.

    I'm happy with the kit, but I find that the DIY snare isn't the best. I'm using Quartz triggers on a home built crossbar, like in the photo. They trigger well, but I didn't bother with a 2nd rim trigger for the snare, and obviously there's no positional sensing.

    My question is what people would recommend for a reasonably priced (meaning Roland pads are out) 12" stand mounted E-kit snare to use with my TD9? I only know of Diamond stuff and I figure shipping from UK will make it pricey.

    Any other suggestions?

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    I'm really happy with the Pintech conversion kits I used on my entire 5pc kit. You could use their 12" kit for your existing shell or any other 12" shell, or if you want to continue to use your crossbar (looks nice to me) just use the Pintech 12" dual trigger and foam cylinder without the crossbar.

    On their website the complete kit is in the "Convert you a-drums" section and the triggers/foam are in the "accessories/repair".


    The Triggera Intrigg look like a very nice option but for a snare I would want a center mounted trigger for pos sensing.

    TD-30 module, PDP A2E (22, 16, 14, 12, 10), Quartz triggers,
    VH11 hi-hat, PD125 (snare), Roland cymbals, Peavey KB4 monitor, Audio-Technica ATH-M50
    Axis A21 Sabres, Axis A Longboards


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      Td9 doesn't support pos sensing so no need for a centre mounted trigger. In fact a centre mounted trigger gives rise to the dreaded hotspot issue especially on a snare. Why not buy an L bracket that can be adjusted and add your trigger to that? That way you learn more about triggering and end up with a sense of achievement of building your own trigger.


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        I agree KennyinDundee. Unless you are using a Roland model that supports positional sensing then there is no need to go with a center mounted piezo. Mounting near the edge works great and in many applications and types of playing you'll never really need positional sensing. here is a picture of my DIY 12" snare with my internal lug mount trigger (actually from a earlier post before the forum was upgraded). good luck with your build!
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          Nice one helensson. I like the idea of a hole in the reso head so you can access the trigger and it's components.


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            Awesome advice guys, thanks. I didn't realize the TD9 didn't have positional sensing.

            Thanks for the kind comments about the crossbar. It's worked really well, but I definitely have hot spot issues on all the drums, but mostly the snare. I too have foam in mine, just not in the pic and only on the reso side. My jack is installed in the vent hole and I just have dark foam board as a "reso". Helensson your snare looks really nice and I agree the ported reso is a nice idea. Maybe I'll switch mine over as well.

            You guys give me some good options.

            I could just drill new holes in the aluminum crossbar on all the drums and move the trigger closer to the side. I'd like to get rim triggering too, so for that I just solder a new piezo to the jack (wired the same as the other, correct?) and then double sided tape it to the shell?

            Or I could clean up the interiors by cutting the crossbar shorter since there's already a short L bracket connecting it to the lug screws, and side mount that way. I'm thinking the crossbar is more stable, but if others are using offset (and I've seen some prebuilt setups online, then maybe it's not an issue.

            Is there another way I'm missing?


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              Glad to help kaosotis! .... yes I find the kick drum port a better solution for me. With its 6" opening I don't have those issues of having to drill a hole to install and solder a jack. I also needed a way to occasionally get to the two piezo sensitivity pots on the trigger housing. The reason I use foam for both the mesh and reso head is two-fold. It's placed against the reso head just to keep it dead and quiet. It's placed around the top mesh head to improve crosstalk and double triggering rejection. All in all the snare works just great...... so far I only use it with my Yamaha 502 and my Ddrum4se. I'm confidant that with all of the triggers adjustments it would also work great with 2box or any roland (unless I need positional sensing as with a center mounted piezo) .