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Upgrades for the TD-9(SW)

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  • Upgrades for the TD-9(SW)

    Ever since we bought the TD9 in 09 for the church, I have thought about upgrading the pads, maybe even the symbols to make it a better experience for the drummers and the people listening. I have noticed that there are used pads out there for about half the price of new. From some of the posts I found our TD9 is a good module with some expandability and saw some posts talking about different upgrade options for other kits. I need your help to sort all this out. Since many of you have played different pads, what is worth the upgrade? While I am not a drummer, I can figure out that hitting mesh is better than hitting a rubber pad, but after that...

    Toms - currently PD-8: Came across 3 PD 85s for around 400. Should I jump at this?

    Cymbols - currenly CY-8: used CY12R/C or CY14C for around 160. How much more will these add over the CY08? What about the CY13R (if it can be used with the TD9): Does the addition of the bell trigger really add 200 worth of sound?

    Snare - have PDX8: What does the pdx100 for 200 give you? or pd 105 for 400 worth it to the drummer or the people listening? I realize the PDX8 could be the used for a floor tom.

    Sorry for these elementary questions, but I'd rather ask the simple questions than get something we do not need.


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    I would never buy roland pads now. I've built two diy kits now and I would always suggest that you buy a cheap acoustic kit and change the heads to mesh heads and add triggers. Pintech, triggera and Roland all offer triggers that you use along with mesh heads to make a nice electronic kit.


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      Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, while I could figure out how to do this, I do not have time, so for now used Roland pads is the way we choose to go. We are also getting the pads for just over the price of the trigger.

      Also not being familiar with the size of acoustic sets (I am not a drummer, just someone who purchase the equipment) the compact size of the roland heads fits our drum kit location.

      Again, thanks for the tip. I can check in to this in the months to come for our next update.


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        No problem Jim....good luck with your acquisitions. Pics or it didn't happen lol