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Amateur needs opinion on kick beaters and my KD-8 Head.

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  • Amateur needs opinion on kick beaters and my KD-8 Head.

    After a year or two I took a look at my beaters on my kick pedal (I think that's the correct lingo). The white/felt part has worm away so much that the plastic behind it is hitting the TD-8 trigger and indenting it. I have 2 questions, since drumming is not my main instrument. To replace these beaters I have to spend over $50 on ebay, or more elsewhere. I don't know how the feel of a different beater will effect my playing since I've used these for a while now. Also, I'm interested in a beater that will put the least amount of use and abuse on the TD8. In your opinion, should I just replace the beaters as is, or is there a cheaper alternative? Also, my TD9 has some good indentations from the plastic on the beater hitting it. Will this break soon? Is it an easy repair? Thanks for your time!

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    I started out using Iron Cobra felt beaters on my KD8 and found the felt was digging holes in the rubber.

    I thought of using patches on the kick head but in the end I just wrapped electricians insulation tape around the beaters, ie so covering the beater faces with thin plastic.

    No problems now. The tape has been on there now for 8 years without needing replacing.


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      I might be totally wrong here but... Aren't those 2-sided beaters you've got on that pedal? One felt side and one rubber side? No matter if you use a rubber pad or a mesh pad as a kick-trigger the felt beaters on your pedals will sooner or later wear away of get misfigured in some other way. You could try to rotate your beaters and use the rubber side and then put a patch on your kickpad to protect it some more. A kick patch from Remo or whatever barely costs anything