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CY6 Choking problem

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  • CY6 Choking problem

    Hai there,

    I got my TD6K about a month ago, and got the same problem earlier mentioned in this forum, continues choking of the CY6.
    (Yes I'am a hard hitter and Mel Gaynor fan).

    Thinking about replacing the CY6 for the CY14.
    Do the CY14's have the same choking problems as the CY6's?
    When you return the CY6 to Roland repair center / dealer, do you get a new one? or do they fix the old one?



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    They sent me a new one. I am using hart ecymbals now with sound off's on them and I can whack the snot out of them. I am about to y-in my cy6 to give me 3 crashes and also regain choking capability.

    The guy at guitar center suggested the new V crash ride, but I don't know... I am a pretty hard hitter.