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Trouble with TD-30KV V-Pro Snare Drum. Help?

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  • Trouble with TD-30KV V-Pro Snare Drum. Help?

    My snare drum is on factory settings (unboxed today), and I'm not sure if it's broken or if some settings just need to be changed. The snare's rim is VERY sensitive. Sometimes I don't even hit the rim and a rim-shot sound still fires off. Is there anything I can do about this?

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    Set the correct Pad Type at TRIGGER, BANK and then tweak Head/Rim Adjust at TRIGGER, ADVNCD, RIM if necessary.

    (Please only ask a question in one place; asking multiple times doesn't get you a quicker answer but does confuse everyone.)



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      I had this happen and could not fix it. Sweetwater replaced my entire kit.
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        P.S. Are you sure the cable is pushed all the way into the snare pad? The TRS sockets can be very stiff when brand new.



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          Tighten the head. Most people miss this in the manual.
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