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problem with drum riser :(

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  • problem with drum riser :(

    hi I have a Roland drum set with kd-9 kick pad and the neigbors complaining about the noise. So i have put 4 matresses like the yoga ones but i have an issue with stability of the high hat and kick and drum pedals.Although the noise was reduced and no complains were made.

    I would like to ask is it possible to put a piece of mdf between the matresses in order to fix the stabilty issue,or the will be noise again

    Can you suggest me any other method for noise reduction?

    thanx x

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    I don't know about the mattress and mdf , I built mine with with 2 pieces of mdf green glued together(acoustic glue) and put on top of platfoam , a product specifically designed for that purpose . Because I live in a second floor condo, I gave up on the kick drum and bought the Triggera kriggs( beaterless kick triggers) They work perfectly and stop noise of a bass drum beater going downstairs or across the floor to the other condos.I keep my full size kick drum right in front of the kriggs and the only one who knows is me and you. Is my secret safe with you?


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      Forgot to mention, I have full size shells so I wanted to make sure I had enough dampening to do the job, but for smaller pads like Roland's , Yamaha, Alesis, check out the tennis ball riser . Two pieces of mdf with a layer of tennis balls placed between them which sit in holes which you cut out with a drill and a hole cutter to a size a little smaller than the tennis balls so the tennis balls sit in between the mdf and give you the sound absorption. Hope that helps. A lot of drummers on this forum have built them and they will give you detailed instructions for what plan I have just summarized . Just use your search option here and you will get an earful


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        thanx x mr.hemiboy