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Superior Drummer and V-Drums

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  • Superior Drummer and V-Drums

    Hi Everyone- I am sure this is a simple question to answer but I am very new to E-Drums so any help is appreciated. I am trying to run Superior Drummer 2.0 (via toontrack solo) and trigger the samples with my TD30kv. I believe I have everything hooked up appropriately- I have my MIDI cable hooked from the TD-30 directly to my MacBook. Under mapping I selected E-Drums and all of the sounds seem to be assigned to the appropriate triggers. My buffer size is set at 64. The main problem is the latency. The samples are not nearly as clean as the sounds built into the TD-30 as I have seen in so many YouTube videos. Should I be running the MIDI cable through an interface prior to hooking it up to the computer? Is it possible that this is too much for my Mac to handle? I have Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5. Any help is appreciated! I'm sure I will have more questions so please be patient with me. Thanks in advance!
    -Chew Calvin :cool:

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    It looks like you will need an external audio device - focusrite, RME etc.


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      Try experimenting with your buffer size before you rush out and buy more gear. And make sure you shut down unneeded apps on your Mac.
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        I recommend connecting the TD-30 via the USB and not the MIDI cable. I also have a TD-30 connected to a MacBook Pro to run Superior Drummer and I have no latency issues, even for larger buffer sizes.
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          Yes, the TD30 can act as an audio interface.
          Buffer set at 64 samples, you shouldn't detect latency.

          Connect USB from TD30 to MacBook.
          In Solo, select the TD30 as Options - Audio - Audio Device: TD30

          That should do it.

          If you don't see the TD30 , then open Audio MIDI Setup in Utilities menu and select it as Output.
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            And don't forget to install the TD-30 drivers on your Mac.
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              Thanks everyone! Will try just connecting via USB. Do I need to change any connection settings on the Mac (utilities, MIDI, etc) when just using USB? I do have the TD-30 driver installed. Also, I closed all other apps and turn WIFI off which seemed to help a little bit. I'm certain that I will have more questions about this. Again, thanks for all of your help thus far!
              -Chew Calvin :cool:

              Roland TD-30KV, Custom Maple Ludwig, Gold Sparkle Goodness, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth, DW9000 Pedal, Pork Pie Throne