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Sound modules?

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  • Sound modules?

    Ok guys im trying to expand my sound palette. I have a vexed td6v linked to an akai mpx8. The akai is what I would love to upgrade, but keep it as simple as possible. I like the roland spd s and sx, but i also have seen these cheaper control pads. Take the Korg kontrol pad and the akai mpd for example. Im wondering (been all new to this) can you load up a usb stick with the sounds you want and use it as the sounds the akai or korg would trigger??? Also with the pad banks can you use these for velocity layering through the td6v? I have seen a video of been able to divide the pads up into various midi notes on the output of the korg ,but cant seem to find if this works on receiving midi. Any info from anyone or anyplace would be most awesome. Im not into laptops in my live setup yet. Im after hardware thats simple to use, can take my own samples to beef up the td6v, usb connects for pc click and drag OR an amazing bit of drum machine/sound module that would not need my samples cos the sounds are so damn good!!!!! arturia sparkle anyone used???? Just looking to move my sounds on to the next level for a guy who plays 3-4 times a month pub and small club gigs with rock covers band.
    td6v and tm-2 samples, mesh diy drums with ddrum triggers, pd8 and pd85 .cy8 cymbals. peavey kb300 amplifier. premier double pedal.