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Why Am I getting bleedage

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  • Why Am I getting bleedage

    I am trying to set my TD-12 up for recording. I need separation for each channel to give the mix the most capabilities. Since I only have 4 outs, I thought I would give DirectL dedicated to the kick, DirectR dedicated to the snare, MasterL dedicated to the toms, and MasterR dedicated to cymbals and hat. I set these all up in the output window accordingly. And yet when I record, I am still achieving bleedage into all channels per se. I get good volume hits on the ones I chose, but ambience on the others, even when I have said not to have effects go to all channels...what am I missing? I need dry individual channels out of each output for separation purposes
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    Hmmm.....still sounds like a routing problem within the module to me. Then again...I did have a console that had some bleed from channel to channel until I got it serviced,
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