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VH-11 Hi Hat Controller causing 'popping' sounds

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  • VH-11 Hi Hat Controller causing 'popping' sounds

    Has anyone had a problem with a 'noisy' VH-11 controller unit? After doing a lot of troubleshooting, including borrowing a friend's TD-9K brain and wiring harness I have tracked it down to the HHC itself. If I have my VH-11 on the hi-hat stand with the controller underneath (like you would normally have it) it sounds fine when it is open but if I press the HH pedal quickly to get a "chick" sound it sounds like it is getting triggered multiple times. The same thing when the hi-hat is closed or partially closed and I hit the VH-11 with a stick. If I take the VH-11 off the stand and hit it and press the black ring on the controller down with my finger the sounds from the hi-hat sound clear like they should. If i push at the black ring on the controller with sideways force it makes the popping sound again.

    BTW, this controller has worked fine for many months before this started and is on the same hi-hat stand. Does the controller needed cleaned occasionally or is this a sign it is bad?

    Thanks for any help!