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Recording songs from MIDI on TD6?

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  • Recording songs from MIDI on TD6?

    Not sure if this is possible, as I'm still finding my way around my new V-Club set, but I figured I'd ask.

    I know that the TD6 supports general MIDI, but reading through the manual didn't give me much insight on what I'm trying to do. I want to take music I've sequenced on my PC and play it into my TD6's MIDI in, and have that music recorded to one of the user-recordable songs on the TD6. Then I'd like to play back those songs later and play along on my drums. Can this be done? Or can the TD6's recordable songs only hold drum parts?

    The built-in songs are fun to a point, but I have some stuff I've written that I'd like to play along with instead. If this can be done, can someone tell me how to set it up? Thanks.
    kit pr0n.

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    Originally posted by Harlock:
    Normally you should be able to record 4 music tracks + 1 drum part + 1 percussion part to a user pattern... Don't know how it's done on the TD-6 though. Read your manual on patterns...
    Well, I got further this time... I'm now hearing some of the MIDI parts from my sequencer playing on my TD-6, but I can't record them. The record button seems to be disabled. I'm not in General MIDI mode, but I did select External Sync on the TD-6 so that SONAR (my sequencing softwre) can set the tempo. It seems that using external sync doesn't allow me to record though... Is this a limitation on the TD-6? If so, how can I record?
    kit pr0n.


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      Nevermind, I figured it out... SONAR wasn't sending out clock signals in the right format. All is good now. Just wish the TD-6 had a little more MIDI memory.
      kit pr0n.