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DTX502 settings

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  • DTX502 settings

    Anyone familiar with DTX502?
    Is it possible to adjust snare rim sensitivity/gain separately from the main snare trigger?
    How does this module perform with VST drums compared to competition?

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    If the DTX502 is the same as my 700, then each sound, like rim or head shot, is called voice. You can adjust each.

    Should do very well for VSTs too.
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      Thank you. That's probably the case, but I prefer to be sure before I order one. I couldn't find the answer in the manual. Seems like Roland has much more tweaking options for pads.
      I want to be able to adjust rim sensitivity for some of the VST instruments I play.


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        After at looking over the manuals for DTX502, 500 and 900, is seems that DTX700 is the only module which lets you adjust rimshot sensitivity. Can anyone verify that?