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suddenly my td10 lost the set effect !!

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  • suddenly my td10 lost the set effect !!

    Hi TD-10 Users, i'm new here in the forum - its really great ! and maybe some of you 'll have a solution for my problem:
    Sometimes when i switch from one set to an other set, then suddenly the effect is lost and the sound is complete dry on all sets !!! Then i have to restart the td-10, and the effect is back again.
    The second problem is. When i switch off my td-10 for example in the set No.10, then i start it new, it will start with the set No.11 !! is ist normal ?
    I play a very old td-10 (one of the first came on the market in germany with no tdw-1 expansion until yet.
    Can anybody give me help ?
    Yours Konrad from Germany

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    I had the same "stuck kit" problem as you, Konrad, except my TDW-1 was stuck at Kit 26 every time I rebooted, no matter what kit I left it on when I last finished playing it. (I think this is due to some weird memory corruption thing that sometimes happens...)

    Anyway, it was solved by a simple re-initialise. Press SETUP, then F4[UTIL], then F4[INIT], then F4 two more times[INIT, then EXEC], and the problem should solve itself.

    Back up any changed settings/kits/whatever to PC or memory card before re-initialising, though. It's best to be on the safe side...

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    "I do what I like, and I like what I do."


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      Thanks for your answers ! I hope, that will solve my problems !


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        I hope it will too. Tell us how everything goes, anyway.
        "I do what I like, and I like what I do."