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Assigning MIDI out - td11

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  • Assigning MIDI out - td11

    Hi guys-

    Another question for my drummer-stepson: MIDI became available back in the 80's when I was in high school. As a guitar player, I've always been completely satisfied with my guitars, amps and effects; I've never bothered to learn much of anything about MIDI. My stepson's TD-11 module has a MIDI out and he's using a Sapphire Pro40 interface into Mixcraft to record his original music. My question (hoping not to sound TOO much like a MIDIot) is this: If I connect a MIDI cable to the TD-11 module and go straight into the Pro40, is there a way to separate/assign each of his triggers to a different channel in the DAW? It would provide so much more control over mixing and EQ'ing the drums (just like micing an acoustic drum set).

    I'm never ashamed to admit when something is beyond me, nor am I afraid to ask someone for help after I've reached the extent of the things I'm comfortable trying. A lot of you guys probably do this every day and I would love to tap into your knowledge base. Any help you can provide would be most helpful, and I would be eternally grateful.

    Hope your Saturday is awesome, and thanks!

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    If he's recording TD-11 sounds, MIDI can't help as it doesn't transmit audio.



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      He could trigger drum samples (VSTi) on the computer and assign them to individual channels if he wants to record them. Many e-drummers believe that VSTi drums sound better than the module sounds.
      TD-11 with 1xPDX 100 and 2x 12" drum-tec Diabolo pads, VH-11, CY 15R, CY-8 + various VSTi's.


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        Thanks, BarT - Seasack, as I mentioned, I'm a bit thick when it comes to MIDI and its terminology. Beatcraft seems to be a VST that Mixcraft supports - would he only use the VST interface for creating the drum sounds without even using his Roland electronic drums? Or could the signals coming from each trigger on the drums be assigned to an individual drum sound in the VST? Again, apologies for being slow on this. Thank you both for responding!


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          Each drum will output a signal when hit. That signal then gets processed and converted to midi (in your case here,by the TD11)

          The midi information is basically 'note on', midi channel number, midi note number and 'note off'.

          So this info goes to your VST and you can assign any sound you wish.