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PD-120 Sensitivity

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  • PD-120 Sensitivity

    I know I read something about this on this this site a while ago, so maybe somebody can help-

    Has anybody had a problem with their Pd-120 pads losing their sensitivity over time? I read somewhere that the cones inside have a tendency to wear down and need to be replaced. My older PD-120 pads do not respond to lighter hits nearly as well as they used to, despite playing with the settings on the TD-10 many times. How can I fix this?

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    I experienced a similar problem before. The cause was a loose head, I tuned the pad and no more problem. Since then I watch the tension more often and I haven't experienced the problem again. Also once I reset the module and forgot to re-assign the trigger banks. I was using PD-5s with PD-120 settings, PD-100 with PD-120 settings, etc. A complete mess! resulting in mainly very poor triggering.
    Of course mesh heads will wear out with use and you should replace it if this is the case. I think that mesh heads should be treated as normal heads, re-tune and replace.

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      Also, if you keep playing with a very loose head you could damage the foam cone.


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        I will check this- but I am pretty sure I have kept the head tight throughout it's use. What do I do if the cone/sensor is damaged- is this something I could fix myself easily (keeping in mind I am not terribly skilled in these matters) or do I need to get the pad serviced by a technician?


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          I know that I remember hearing that the blue foam cone triggers were replaceable for like $5.00 or something. It should not be that hard to replace if needed. I have had my PD-120 for close to 4 years now and have not had any major wear on the head that I can notice. I think that proper adjustment is the key, If not maby a initialize.


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            Just buy a couple of the foam blue cones (might as well keep some as spares).

            Take the mesh head off and the cone is stuck on top of the round piezo sensor with double sided tape, carefully pull it off and the new blue cones come with the double sided tape already stuck to their base.

            There is a small channel cut out of the base of the blue cone to accomodate for the sensor's cable to fit into.

            Very simple job.

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