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  • Originally posted by skod View Post
    "And upon the seventh day, they miraculously discovered that forgotten bottle of the Bowmore Black behind the shed, and thus the process started again. And It Was Good"...

    To be read in that wonderful Peter Cook narration voice, of course...
    I do admire your appreciation of the arts mate. You have that ability to connect to whatever and what else. Truely amazing. I am in awe.


    • Oh, man- that's a very nice thing to say. I'm friggin' *blushing*.

      As an undereducated American, I've had to work hard to make up for my structural/educational shortcomings. (;-) And for younger folks who may not have had the pleasure, and therefore may not know what the hell we're talking about, here's my absolute favorite-ever Peter Cook bit: from "The Secret Policeman's Ball", 1979, along with Rowan Atkinson, several Pythons, and a bunch of other comedy glitterati...

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      • Originally posted by John.b View Post
        Just something to bear in mind skod, In Scotland (and in Canada), it is spelt Whisky, and in Ireland (and the US), it is spelt whiskey. The result of an argument 200ish years ago I think.
        The oldest whiskey distillery is Bushmills in Ireland, legally registered in1605, though illegally, probably another 100-or-so years before that.

        Your lady probably knows all this but thought I would point it out.

        Keep a grip when the ship rolls mate, lay back and think of whisky. With a bit of luck they will offer you some Haggis for breakfast.

        That will take the pain away lol.
        I learned in Ireland that Bushmills is Protestant whiskey and Jameson is Catholic whiskey. My grandson is named Jameson.
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        • Originally posted by jimorlando View Post

          I learned in Ireland that Bushmills is Protestant whiskey and Jameson is Catholic whiskey. My grandson is named Jameson.
          I did not know that Jim. Ya live and learn.

          I usually drink Jameson's if I'm in an Irish frame of mind, so me being just a little bit Irish, I must also be a little bit catholic too lol.

          Its a family thing, all the males in my family have the middle name James.
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