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E-drums in a camper van

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  • E-drums in a camper van

    Hey there.

    I'm building a camper van and I have a Roland drum kit that really want to bring with me on my travels. Pretty much everything thing I want to include in my van is secondary to bringing my drums with me (I'd forget making bed if I could bring my drums)

    So I'm wondering if anyone has any experience in running electric drums off a battery source? I've been looking into Pure Sine Wave invertors to convert 12v battery power into 240v for my UK power source kit, but I'm interested to know if anyone has tried this (I'm worried about plugging my kit in and frying my module because i've overlooked something).

    If anyone has any ideas or has attempted something similar I would very much appreciate your advice! I can't imagine going off in my van and leaving my kit behind.

    p.s. I have looked into battery powered modules. The Roland tm-02 looked promising. However, It appears that it doesn't recognise the hi hat pedal open and close. Is there any other battery modules on the market?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    I'm into camper vans and drumming (although the drumming has been on a long hiatus).

    I guess id have my kit mounted on stands if I had to bring them in the van.

    As for power. Best is to check the output of your power brick. It takes 240V in, but what is the output? If it says 12V, then you're in luck as you'd only need to plug it directly to a 12V battery, and please put an inline fuse whatever you do between the battery and your module.

    If the output of the power brick is higher or lower, you could look into power stepper boards, easily found on eBay. Much cheaper than a full fledged inverter.
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      I would say, depends on the module, the TD-30 takes AC input, so you would need a step-up DC to AC converter. But would you really take a more expensive, physically large module with you in a van?
      A TD-9 for instance is small and has an external 9V supply. You may need the DC-AC converter to power other stuff, like a laptop, but if you only need this to power the module, I would look into getting or DIY making a simple DC-DC 12 to 9V converter (only a power regulator needed)
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        if i was driving around in a van, my drums would be acoustic ..break it down/ stack it while driving.. drive somewhere 'remote' set it up (15 mins) and play..
        all you need is 'light' .. but hey.. you have to talk 'electronic' on here.. or it'll be locked .... but best of luck on your travels..
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