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    I saw the good Dr. the other day. He was giving a lecture at a local college on the topic of his new book "Uncharted" (a discussion and analysis of creativity of the "Western kit drummer"). No playing, of course (now that he's retired), strictly an academic presentation. Having already read his book, I enjoyed it thoroughly. By all accounts, a gracious and interesting man. And for a guy pushing 70, he appears to be in great shape. No addled old rocker or jazzer gone to pot, that's for sure.

    For those interested, Uncharted is not a light read. Definitely not summer beach material. For that, get his autobiography. Uncharted is an academic work. Lots of references that might lead to engaging little corners, too. My understanding is that this book is a somewhat more reader friendly version of his doctoral dissertation.

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    Thanks for the info Jim, so he's retired has he. He is younger than me (just). Perhaps I ought to give up and fade away now before anyone notices I still have a pulse..


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      I didnít think it was possible to retire from playing drums. Does he not play at all or is it just a performing retirement?
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