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Sadly i must take a break from drumming

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    Originally posted by John.b View Post
    A long time since we heard from you mate. What's occurring. Have you got settled somewhere and are you up and running with the kit. Really do hope so mate. Drop us a line, let us know how you are getting on.
    Ended up not selling the td9 so i still have it in boxes ,might just keep it as a spare kit or part it out on reverb still enjoying my atv ad5 more than ever and loving my a to e ,still in the same place so still can only play certain times of day ,do plan to get a bigger place 1 day if the housing crisis ever ends in my city. anyway heres an updated kit pic



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      Hoping things work out for the better as they often do even when all is bleak. Good luck and hope you are drumming again soon and posting about it.


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        Thanks for the photo mate. The kit is looking good enough to play. Yea situation still not great then but at least you are up and running, that's the main thing. Good luck in the future.