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Evicted my Chinchilla!

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  • Evicted my Chinchilla!

    I had set up a room in the basement for my Chinchilla to run around in, covered every surface with cardboard so his chewing wouldn't be an issue.

    Then I started drumming and evicted him for an acoustic and electronic kit. I felt guilty enough that as of last yesterday my TD-30 is in my dining room, but I left the acoustic kit in the chin's room. I think he was upset at me, because last night I finally let him back in his play room for the first time in 8 weeks and he promptly jumped into my acoustic kick drum and pooped a few times in there!

    At least he didn't chew the heck out of anything important! He also jumped against the batter head of the kick a couple times and it was probably the most awesome animal attempt at drumming (okay it's the ONLY attempt) I've ever seen!

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    I'm pretty sure this is OFF TOPIC.

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      I think my Chinchilla probably drums better than I do!
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        I'd poop in your bass drum too lol.
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