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Should this forum be English language posting only?

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  • Should this forum be English language posting only?

    On Facebook, many groups carry a rule about posting in English only.

    I'll admit it does clean up posting and keep everyone engaged.

    So, for the next week (poll closes 2-19-2020 12:00 PM), please voice your vote...

    Should this forum be English language posting only?


    The poll is expired.

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    Instagram has a translate button for non-English posts.
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      I am in favor to allow it, but it is important to have a way to control the content from the administrator's perspective, as it will be harder to know what is being written (to avoid spam, bad things, etc). Hmmm... maybe the browser itself has the ability to translate from a given language to English and vice-versa, or if there is any bot or application that could be integrated to the system, it would be great. So, it should not be a problem.

      It would be great to allow non-English speakers as it would help people to meet one of the main vdrums forum. More people, more knowledge and experience sharing.

      Forum can be collaborative as well in terms of having other people monitoring the posts in languages that they understand. For example, I am able to communicate in English and Portuguese. I also understand Spanish and a bit of Italian so if I see posts on those languages, I can help checking if what is written is following the forum rules. This is not a role, but as a collaborative.

      If it proves to be a bad thing over time, then a new section could be created (breaking a bit the topic organization as a non-English topic for DIY won't be within the DIY section.

      Ronaldo B.


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        There would never be a large enough community to really have the benefits of this Forum.

        There could be a "Non-English" Section, if somebody has Trouble with the English language and want`s to give it a try, but I would rather let the drum Forums in the respective countries handle that.
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          You can always translate everything yourself if you want. English is one of the simplest languages and is spoken almost all over the world. Although Chinese is spoken by more people


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            I'm a member of several forums where they have separate sections for different languages, though limited to 2 or 3. It can be helpful for speakers of those languages who don't feel confident enough to participate in English, but it does raise a few thoughts: it places an additional burden on moderators, who either need to understand the languages or make use of translation software. If the latter, you might say that users could just as easily translate their posts into English -or those of others into their own language- in the first place (which I think some occasionally do). And also, where do you draw the line on how many languages can be used? If you bundle them all into a 'Non-English' section it's a mess, and if you give each language its own section the forum could end up too bloated, not to mention the fact that then the English speakers miss out on contributions made in other languages, which brings us back to the use of online translation...

            I think it made sense when online translation wasn't as good or readily available, but not any more. Though not perfect (and speaking as a professional translator long may it stay that way...), it does a decent enough job of enabling communication.
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              Maybe I'm missing something but basically I'm only seeing English. Is this becoming a problem or only asking?


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                Originally posted by EssKayKay View Post
                Maybe I'm missing something but basically I'm only seeing English. Is this becoming a problem or only asking?
                some spam bot posted something in russian the other day, i believe this is in response to that
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                  Originally posted by winterson View Post

                  some spam bot posted something in russian the other day, i believe this is in response to that
                  Ahhh got it - I hear you. We don't want spam.


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                    I voted 'no' but I have to explain. The fact is, to have full benefits from the forum, people have to understand each other. This is by far the most comprehensive knowledge base on e-drumming out there but it's not rare that people come asking stuff or replying using rather bad English be it google translate or by other means. I could be useful to have a non-english section but not as a parallel forum. There could be a page for people to post in supported language and maybe request a reply in that tongue? If there's no one to respond, the thread could be closed or marked expired. The downside is that some moderation should act as anti-spam but I reckon that could be coded almost automatic?

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                      I want to thank everyone for chiming in so far.

                      There is no option for adding any plugin to vB to translate directly on the site. This will be up to the visitor and their browser/extensions.

                      The main reason I asked was due to a new visitor posting in Russian. Additionally, I wanted to consider this as I've seen some groups on Facebook get taken over with another language, and then it runs off a multitude of the vast majority. (that wasn't the case here at all) While everyone screamed phish-bot, my normal research clearance steps could not verify phishing/known-spammer-previous-activity and make such judgement. (duplicate sentences was really not grounds for making that judgement) However, getting overwhelmed with PMs about it, I decided to make that call and ban the member. Since I have not heard about it in two days, they were likely a spammer. (you guys don't see all the spam that actually hits the forum in the "approval stage... thus, ther reason we implemented it)

                      Regardless, since it came up, I decided to open the topic for discussion. Over the years, we've only had a few members come post in alternate languages. I just wondered if we should make it an official (very loose) rule.

                      Based on the results so far, I will likely add it to the rules. It will be very loose, and obviously we will offer very forgiving warnings in an attempt to keep true members who want to join.

                      Thanks again for chiming in. I'll let the poll finish, but it looks like we've gotten the main opinions needed.
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