The following information should help members understand email and subscription notifications better.

Notifications: (User Settings > Notifications > Notifications On/Off)

Notifications are sent via email (if desired in settings) and or here at the forum in your message center:
  • whenever a post is made in a topic you created (User Settings > Notifications > Discussions)
  • whenever a response is made to a topic you are subscribed to (Notifications > Subscriptions)
  • whenever a post is made in a channel you are subscribed to. (Notifications > Subscriptions > Posts > Subscription List)
Additionally, you may subscribe to individual users and posts at will from a member's page, or from the topic/forum page(s).

It is very important to understand that if you subscribe to a channel, you will receive a notification for every post made within that channel. Please subscribe intelligently.

To tailor your notifications, simple sign in, and click the following: (refer to the additional breadcrumbs mentioned above)

Please do not contact moderators or administrators to request we manage subscriptions for you. We will simply point you to this topic.

We hope that helps!