We are aware of (older) internal links to additional posts being broken across the forum.

While there is no good news in this area, the following FAQ explains why this is the case.

FAQ: Why are old links broken?

Several years ago, our forum was hacked multiple times in just few short months. After attempting to thwart the attacks with several options (and spending countless hours and days reinstalling the forum and backup data), it was deemed a losing battle. We lost tons of posts and data during these attacks.

To fight the battle, we upgraded from vBulletin v4 to v5. We also decided to put the responsibility of these attacks on vBulletin for keeping our forum running and our data safe in a cloud hosted account.

During the upgrade, vBulletin ran the upgrade with a default setting for link creation, rather than keeping the older style we were using. This new link creation option is a improvement where search engines are concerned, and creates easy and relevant link titles recognized by search engines.

vBulletin did not have a way to port old links within posts to their new counterpart named locations. vBulletin should have implemented a backend reference chart from the old link locations to the new link locations so older links within posts would point correctly to their new named counterparts. We have asked vBulletin if any old data is available to create such a link, and if it could be implemented in some manner. The answer has always been, "there is no data to associate the old links with their new location". Thus, there is nothing we can do to tie the old links to the new topic addresses.

Please use the Custom Google Search at the top of the forum to achieve the best results when searching for hard to find answers.

If you still cannot find what you're looking for, please create a new topic in the appropriate forum.