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vBulleting 5.3.3 Update Info

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  • vBulleting 5.3.3 Update Info

    Just thought I'd share this update info, as I'm sure some of you have undoubtedly noticed the social share icons. (I didn't implement those myself)

    I have not implemented some of these features below yet. I may as I begin to research them.

    - Alan

    vBulletin 5.3.3 Connect

    New Search Modules We've added two new search modules to help provide you with the ways to make content easier to find. Additionally, all search modules can be found in the new Content category while editing pages within Site Builder.

    Trending Topics Module
    The first module will show Trending Topics. Trending topics are the topics receiving activity on your site. These topics have replies created over the last 96 hours (configurable) and are at least 4 hours old (configurable). Based on vBulletin 5's standard search module, this module can provide an easy way to provide your users with a look at your active content and encourage participation.

    Friends' Activity Module
    The second search module is the Friend's Activity module. Showing users what their friends are up to will encourage participation on the site. This is a great module to add to a custom page or to replace the Latest Topics module. Users can increase their friend's list by visiting the profiles of their favorite people and subscribing to them.

    Share to Social Networks
    In vBulletin 5.3.3, users can easily share content to Facebook and Twitter. Each Article, Topic, Blog Entry and Group Discussion can be shared to Facebook and Twitter through a simple click or tap while being viewed. This will allow your end users to share your content and encourage others to visit. Want to share to other social networks? The system is easily expandable to include more options using the vBulletin 5 Template Hook system.

    Push Notification Enhancements
    We have enhanced the Push Notification API to handle subscriptions, topic replies and reported posts. These will be added to an upcoming version of the Mobile Suite.

    Other Issues
    • Member's List has been updated to work better with Responsive.
    • Menus now behave properly on iOS.
    • Edited posts are now properly checked against anti-spam tools.
    • Error Handling has been improved in several areas of the application.

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